Who is Christina J Photography?

Well Hello!

I probably should have done this first but, here I am, three blog posts in, and I'm just getting around to "introducing" myself. Whoops! :-)

Where do I begin....Well, I was born and raised in Arizona. I think I'm technically a third generation Arizonan which, I've been told is pretty rare. I currently call North Peoria home and I love it! I went to high school in North Phoenix and met my best friend and super awesome husband (who you may see at some of my sessions helping out) in college. We have two sweet little boys who drive me to the brink of insanity daily but, I love more than words can describe. They are my reason.

When I'm not in mom mode I prefer to be sleeping but, let's be real, moms don't sleep. Ever. So, I'm usually two almond milk macchiatos deep by noon (don't judge, they're good). I enjoy working out, right now, in the form of punching things at a local boxing gym. I try to be a runner so I can keep up with my husband but, don't tell him - I hate it :-)

I love hiking, playing sports, and binge-watching netflix after we put the kids down for bed which, usually only lasts like 15 minutes because 9pm comes quick and I'm usually passed out by then :-)

I've worked in healthcare for ten years however, photography has always been a passion. I was a yearbook nerd in high school and my favorite part was taking the pictures for my featured articles. Looking back, they were terrible but, we all have to start somewhere, right!? My first job at age 16 was at a local indoor photography studio that specialized in school photos. I was the "ambassador" for my high school and helped coordinate all of the senior sessions. I did mostly behind the scenes work (confirmation calls, order placement, and boring stuff like that). To me, it was a means to an end. I always had my eye on a career in healthcare. Photography to me, was just a "hobby." Something I couldn't possibly make into a career. Maybe it's because I watched the studio photographers struggle to make ends meet or observed their lack of desire or passion for what they did. Maybe it's this idea that I needed to work for "an established company" or the fear of the ups and downs that come with entrepreneurship. Whatever the reason, I never pushed it - but, it was always there. It wasn't until recently that I decided to put the fears aside and take the leap into this crazy, awesome world that is photography. I am so glad I did! It has brought me so much joy and it wouldn't be possible without all of my fantastic clients! You guys are amazing and I am SO grateful for you.

Seriously, I dove head first into this not knowing how people would respond and I am so very humbled that you guys took - and continue to take a chance on me! I look forward to what the future holds for Christina J Photography! I have a feeling it's going to be pretty awesome!

Much love,